I5-2500k - 70 C too hot?

I have a Core i5 2500k with a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus. I don't plan on overclocking the processor, but I just wanted to run it through IntelBurnTest to make sure it is solid.

I had it running in a closed room, where the ambient air temperature was around 22-26 C. Here are the temps, as shown in RealTemp:

Idle: 34 C
IntelBurnTest Maximum: 65-70 C

Is running the i5-2500k at 70 C going to damage it? I don't plan on overclocking, so I would rather not mess around with reseating the CPU cooler or reapplying themal paste, if I can help it.
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  1. No. those cpus run warm. I had a 750 up to 90c briefly and windows still ran. I don't recommend the stress programs unless your system is loaded constantly. They're unrealistic for real world applications. Use a simple monitoring program such as coretemp and run your games and programs for awhile and see how high the temp reaches. And you are correct about not messing with the cpu or heatsink. If it works, leave it alone.
  2. Thanks o1die. I'll take your advice and not mess with it further. I have read so many conflicting things on the Internet over acceptable load temperatures, and I don't know how much of it is truth and how much is just boasting.
  3. No conflicting info here. The following advice is widely accepted...

    To keep Sandy Bridge happy over the long term:
    1. Keep peak Prime95/IntelBurnTest core temps below 75ºC
    2. Keep CPU voltage below 1.4v

    The TjMax (max safe core temp) for Sandy Bridge is 98ºC. Keeping below 75ºC is just a precaution meant to maximize service life of the CPU.
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