5770 major issue, help requested!

Greetings fellow computer users...

my friend has been having an issue where his 5770 graphics card would crash on his computer when attempting to view any music videos or games or dvds on his computer. this crash visually effects all open media applications or games that are running. the sound will remain while the game displays visual crashes that include, lines, splashes of green color or the screen completely turning purple, black or blue, following this the computer will completely shutdown and restart.
Temperatures were up several times when crashes occured and they were within acceptable ranges (50-60).

^ i was skeptical to say the least, but i watched as it happened once and its a bizzare crash. no BSOD involved, no memory dumps left or any information to help.

I was given one of these cards myself by a friend that worked perfectly, he just wanted to upgrade.. anyway i put the card ( only a few months old ) into my computer had the standard asus striker 2 issues.. but got it working.
the card ran perfectly for a day all games max specs everything working perfectly with the most up to date drivers, temperatures well within normal and then i suddenly got the error myself! exact same symptoms, the error would effect any visual program that was open and then have visual and sound errors and completely crash. i however got a blue screen which involved volsnap.sys ( could not record any other information ).

i have read that the 5770 is not friendly with older motherboards.

So the question is! does any one have any idea what is causing these bizzare issues? my brother has the same card on a board from 2010 with the same os/programs but with an earlier driver and also windows 7 64bit ultimate (mine and my friend were runnin the latest drivers) and he has had 0 issues.

Specifications Below
Friends Specifications:
5770 Graphics card (standard)
mobo = XFX nforce 780i 775
psu = 800 W 80 bronze rating modular, (unsure on model number)
ram = 4 GB ddr2 800 mhz ( tested no issues apparent, used memtest)
OS = Windows 7 64 bit ultimate fully updated, no viruses present
NOTE! friend also attempted a dual boot with XP to see if xp also had the issue, it happened identically.

My Specifications!
5770 radeon graphics card ( standard )

Asus Striker Formula 2 motherboard. BIOS fully updated.
Spec sheet of my mobo below

q9450 2.66ghz quad core 775 socket
8 GB Corsair 800mhz ram (tested with mem test)
PSU = m850w cooler master modular (tested)
OS = Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit fully updated, no viruses found
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  1. Are you trying to run crossfire with onboard graphics? Just how old is your mobo? Does it have 2 PCIE X 16 slots? The reason I ask is that I just ordered the Saphire 5770 for my build and it says not to try to use both onboard graphics with graphics card and my board is a new model M4A88TD-V EVO3.0. You have plenty of power so that can not be an issue. Can you roll back the drivers to one step below what you are running on it now? In my study of this card, that has fixed a lot of issues, as I have read about 200 reviews from various places and chose this one for the price and supposed to work well with my mobo.
  2. uhm unsure if the board is still attempting to run the onboard, but it should not be. the board specs are in the link provided. aaaaaaaaand... im not currently running it as i got sick of the instability. reverted to my gtx260
  3. So you guys haven't tried the older drivers like your brother did? If that driver is working, you should try it out as well.
  4. friends/my driver at the time.
    Driver Packaging Version8.66.6-091006a-089804E
    Catalyst™ Version10.5
    ProviderATI Technologies Inc.
    2D Driver Version8.01.01.961
    2D Driver File Path/REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/CLASS/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0001
    Direct3D Version8.14.10.0700
    OpenGL Version6.14.10.9017
    Catalyst™ Control Center Version2009.1006.2142.37119

    Brothers Driver
    Driver Packaging Version8.723-100406a-098770C-ATI
    Catalyst™ Version10.4
    ProviderATI Technologies Inc.
    2D Driver Version8.01.01.1016
    2D Driver File Path/REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/CLASS/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0000
    Direct3D Version8.14.10.0743
    OpenGL Version6.14.10.9756
    Catalyst™ Control Center Version2010.0406.2133.36843
  5. I'd definitely try out that driver with your machine.
  6. UPDATE.

    attempted to uninstall old driver on friends machine with resulted in the machine giving an error something along the lines of 'your side by side configuration is incorrect, this program will now close'. shall i use driver sweeper and just crush it?
  7. Seems very strange. I'd try through control panel again to uninstall CCC, and if that doesn't wrok then to use Driver Sweeper to get rid of them all. After that, if CCC is still installed, try to uninstall again. Then reinstall everything again.
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