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ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 no OnBoard GPU Yet DVI, HDMI?

Okay so I have the ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard, it says it does not have a onboard graphics processor, so why the hell does it have DVI/HDMI outputs? How does that work? Can I get video with no GPU? OR does it have something to do with the CPU? I have an i5 2500k and when I go to GPU-z it says GTX 460 and Intel HD Graphics family.

I don't know, please explain.
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  1. Intel hd graphics family is the graphics processor on the i5-2500k. I have the exact same motherboard and cpu and using the integrated gpu now . :cry:
  2. The graphics on the 2500K are probably as good as any onboard video, especially on a MB at the price of yours. I have the same MB and 2500K as well. You just don't find Z model MB's with onboard video AFIK.
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    The integrated is on the cpu and will be better than any integrated on the mobo because they are all really old and weak. Gpus on the mobo haven't been used on the desktop since like the ati hd 4000 series. It's much more efficient to integrate them on the cpu and now pretty much every cpu has igpu.
  4. Okay! Thanks guys!
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