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this is what i have currently running on my pc 990fx sabertooth amd fx 4100 (stock heatsink) 6970 msi twin forzer 3, 16 gb gskill ripjawz 1600,750 watt pwr supply , 1tb hd, cool master haf case i just recently installed at first i was a having mem problems i held the mem ok for 3s and it booted to bios installed win7 os while i was installing i was having problems when the pc would reboot from win7 when it says the pc will go through several restarts when it would restart it would stay stuck at the reboot my screen would go black so then i would have to power it down from the actual tower then press it and i did it again so then later on i reinstalled the os it started acting normal so i left it overnight updating and i installed all the drivers i needed and installed star wars the old republic it was playing normal in the morning i left left it updating more i came home when i go to raid the pc completely shuts off mb stays on but i cant power it up i have to hit the switch in the back from off to on and then press the tower power button then loads back up like if nothing happens please help me
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  1. anyone can someone please help me?
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