What can I do with this mobo?

i have an msi p67a gd53 that has bent pins on it,that i got from dropping my PC, can i still send it so they can fix it,I know they don't cover physical damage but can you still rma it to get it fixed,If they charge to fix it how much would it cost and will it be worth it or should i just get a new z68.
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  1. they'll have to reimburse you but you'll end up paying for shipping and depends where you bought it from but they probably do a restocking fee which if they charge you for will be b.s!!..probably should just return and buy a new one
  2. can i just send it and pay them to fix it i already had it for a year and cant return it to newegg
  3. wait...it's an msi board. Is there not a warranty on it and just send it to msi to send you a new one without charge.
  4. what if it has bent pins?
  5. If you Bent them then try to straighten it without breaking the pins. But I don't think a warranty is going to cover bent pins unless for some reason the connection isn't working.
  6. it was broken plus i accidently bent some pins
  7. just bend them back they won't notice. or you can try to sell it for parts but i doubt you'll get anything for it. They should refund you 100% there is no way they can't
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