Front and back USB Ports Don't work

None of my USB ports work, both the back and front don't work. Only the keyboard does so I've been ctrl+tabbing to switch programs. The Internet, mouse and the sound doesn't work: I've tried everything people tell me online but it doesn't seem to work.

I went to system and device manager and USB bus controller however I dont understand what to do from there.

It's been a week now and im not sure what to do. The monitor is also brand new and I don't want to reformat nor get a new one so somebody please help me!!!!!!!!
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  1. Well, you could try removing the USB hubs via device manager and rebooting so windows will re-download the drivers again. Could also be that the devices you have installed on the hub are drawing too much power...
  2. try this

    unplug the keyboard and plug you mouse in the keybaords usb

    tell us if it is working, it might be you/a virus did something to stop mouse and other stuff working, its not unheard of
  3. So is this a new computer or an old one?

    You might want to search online for the latest motherboard BIOS. Also make sure you've updated all your chipset drivers.
  4. update the driver of your usb controller or try to install the chipsets driver of the motherboard.....
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