GPU Card Problem : Radeon HD 4890 Sapphire Vapor

Hey guys , really need some help .

I have :

Evga e757 Motherboard
i7 920
Ati Radeon HD 4890 Sapphire vapor 1gb
Thermaltake 1500w


The Pc was working fine for over a year when suddenly the PC restarted due to a power cut &

I keep getting a blurry blank screen with vertical lines.
when i start my Pc . At times it works for a few seconds then i get fuzzy lines and it becomes blank with vertical lines.

I also had a small problem with voltage @ my house . Normally it was 240v but it started fluctuating @ 220 etc...

Can this be caused due to the gpu not getting enough power ?
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  1. Could be the PSU was ruined slightly when you lost power, or something else got ruined.

    Can you test another power supply?
  2. You're going to have to do basic troubleshooting which involves testing each of the most likely components first.

    There's no really easy way, however if you can get someone with a PC to help you out maybe you can test your PSU and Graphics card on another computer.

    Sometimes you can find basic graphics cards dirt cheap which you could swap out.
  3. The first thing I would try is try your card in different PC with enough power on PSU, if it works then you might have problem with your ThermalTake PSU...
  4. Thx guys ;)

    I actually did try another gpu on the pc and seemed to be working fine . However the other gpu was a simple one and did not require additional power from the PSU , so cannot know for sure .

    Yep the problem coul dbe with the GPU or PSU .

    Can a corrupt bios or processor cause this problem ?
  5. Aren't thermaltake psu's low quality anyway? I would replace it if so with a name brand... antec, corsair, etc...
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