Connecting 2 PCs to a cable internet modem

I'm looking for help with sharing my cable internet connection between two in my living room connected to the cable modem and the other my laptop in my bedroom. Both have network cards. I know I need an ethernet cable between the 2, but how do I split off the main cable modem...a router? I've worked on many networks but can't seem to find the easiest and least expensive way to accomplish this in my home.
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  1. The most satisfactory solution is to add a router (perhaps wireless ?) to the cable modem then you can connect both computers via that.

    The cheapest solution is to add a second network card to the first machine and use Windows Internet Connection Sharing with a crossover version of an ethernet cable betwen the two computers. I wouldn't choose that option, myself.
  2. buy a switch guy
  3. if one of the two computers has multiple NIC, then you can set up a shared connection on PC1, to allow PC2 to access the internet through it.
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