WRT54G as a WAP and switch

I need to use my WRT54G as both a WAP and a switch.

I have a laptop I will be using,connected wirelessly to my Netgear router, but also have a VOIP phone for work that has to be hardwired to work.

I have a Netgear 3700 I am going to be using as my main router (I'm renting a studio and this will be on the landlady's side) and the WRT54G as the WAP, which I plan on plugging the phone into.

I tried for 5 hours yesterday but could not get it to work. Any tips?
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  1. are you saying that the Netgear is in one room and you will be connecting to it via network cable? Or will you connect to it via wireless using you Linksys as a repeater?

    Will you be using WEP or WPA?
  2. The Netgear is in one room. I want to use the Linksys as a repeater but one I can connect a network cable to. I currently use WPA but i can change it to WEP if it will make it easier.
  3. by default the router is not able to do what you are trying to do; however, you can find firmware on this site that will allow you to what you are planning to do.


    I just went through the process myself. it took about 30 min. make sure you understand all the instructions
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