Asus CM5571 with Xeon X3370?

Hey Guys

I currently have a Asus CM5571 and i want to put my new PSU, ATI HD5870, and Xeon X3370 CPU in that computer. The only issue i see is that the current CPU in there is a E5400 and that is at a FSB speed of 800MHz. The Xeon X3370 has a FSB speed of 1333MHz. The motherboard supports 1333MHz but because its an OEM motherboard the bios is locked so i cant change the FSB settings. If i put the Xeon X3370 CPU in that motherboard will the FSB automatically change to 1333MHz without me having to change anything or will i be stuck at 800MHz due to the locked bios?

E5400 (Old CPU currently in CM5571):

Xeon X3370:

Motherboard (Locked Bios):

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  1. Check this link out.

    Best process would be to call up Asus support and put your query in front of them.
  2. Called Asus, they didn't seem to know what i was talking about. So if I download the AI manager it will unlock the FSB settings in the bios? I do have a intel mobo that works with the CPU and its unlocked and everything, but the hard drive I want to switch over has Windows 7 OEM on it so i can't get it to work with a new mobo. So that is why I am trying to get Xeon CPU to work with the ASUS mobo. If anyone knows how i can use my windows 7 OEM with the new mobo then that would be better. Thanks
  3. Have you tried switching the hard drive to the Intel motherboard or are you just guessing it won't work?
  4. Yeah ive tried, On startup it shows the black windows loading screen then goes into a startup repair utility that just runs forever.
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