HP Dv6

I recently purchased a HP Dv6 and I was wondering if I could possibly upgrade my graphics card? I believe that It has Intel HD graphics right now.

Windows 7 Home Premium

Intel i5 m460 2.5 GHZ (I think it had turbo boost to 2.8 GHZ)


I was thinking, maybe buying a Nvidia gtx 460 notebook GPU.
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/269728-33-graphics-card

    According to that thread you cannot change the graphics card in that laptop.

    It should be noted that at least 90 percent of the time you cannot change a laptops graphics card without swaping out the motherboard.
  2. No upgrading, sorry. You have to make sure the laptop meets your graphics and processing needs before you buy it (for gifts, check before you open the box so you can return or exchange it without a restocking fee). When I bought my dv6t, I spent an extra $200 to get the nVidia GT 320M for this reason. I also needed a FireWire port for my camcorder, which was only available if you upgraded the video.
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