Transcend external hard drive asking to format

Hi All,

I own a Transcend 500 GB external hard disk which was bought an year back.Facing a problem with it now which is asking to format it as soon as I plug in.

Earlier when I used to plug in, it used to show me Transcend(G) with the used/free storage available,but since the problem araised, its getting displayed like "Local disk(G)" without any data specifications.

Tried to repair it thinking of a bad sector,but was in vain-it again came back with the same question-"Whether to format-Yes/No" :(
Need atleast to regain the data as I have valuable data inside :(

Please help in sorting out this problem.Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
David Suchan.
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  1. Have the same problem, nothing from the forums works, I am afraid that the probelm is with the electical circuits or the motor and needs a specialist
  2. disassmeble the extrernal drive and examine it, if its IDE or sata you can install it into your pc, this will eliminate the enclosure as part of the problem.
    If its a laptop HDD, you will need to get an adapter to install it into your pc and if you're at that point you might as well buy a drive dock.
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