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CPU Fans/Case Fans - Do I need a Fan Controller?

I hope this is in the right category.

I am currently in the process for obtaining the parts for my first build and I find new things out everyday and am wondering if a fan controller would be recommended for my build.

I have the Lian Li K63 case with 2 front fans, 2 top fans, and 1 rear fan. Along with this I will get getting the Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B with two fans set up in a push/pull configuration.

-CPU Fans:



My first question is about the dual fan setup on the heatsink. I was planning on getting a 'Y' Splitter to connect both fans to the CPU Fan connector on the MOBO to run both fans off the one connector. I have read this will work just fine.

But then there are all the other fans in the case itself. What would be the best solution for dealing with all these fans?

-Will I want to go with a fan controller to plug them in and control them?

-If I go with this, would I just want to use it for case fans and let the CPU fans remain on the mobo?

-Try plugging them all into the motherboard, (which I don't even know if there are enough slots)?

-Or plug some in the mobo and other into the PSU, or is that even possible?

I guess I am looking for pro's and con's of different methods of dealing with these fans, and what might be the best route to take. Maybe I am asking this too early given I dont have some of the parts and havent really figured it all out, but would like some advice.

Thank you.
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  1. Depends on the noise level, and how much it bugs you. My old msi board had one fan port controlled by the smartfan settings in the bios, but if you have multiple fans, a fan controller may work better.
  2. So I guess it would really depend on how I feel with the noise level and will have to wait until I get it going. With 4 case fans though, will I be able to plug them all into the motherboard, or is it better to plug them into the PSU, or a combination? I think I figured out that this mobo has 3 case fan slots on the board not including the cpu fan slot, which would leave me one short (unless I missed one).

    Also, does plugging in the fans to the mobo cause too much stress on the board at all, which may be where a fan controller comes in handy, keeping less clutter on the board. Maybe it is too soon to be asking, but just trying to learn some stuff while i'm wating for all my parts.
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    depends really, a lot of motherboards can change the lvl of the fans compared to how hot the case is

    a fan controller is better especially the 5.25" ones becasue they usually have a live temperature indicater that tells you the temp in case so you can manually turn the fans up or down-

    or in other words it runs quiter when you want it too
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