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Today my new PC case arrived, and I eagerly migrated the components from my old setup into the new one. The problem is, following every system POST, but before booting the OS, an warning comes up saying "Warning: System fan failure. Please service system to prevent damage or press F2 to continue." However, I have looked in the case, and the fans appear to be functioning adequately. So, why would the system be saying this? I don't want to push the computer past this point, because I don't know what will happen, or if I'll damage it. My BIOS has no temperature functions, so I can't tell if the CPU is trying to overheat on me. When I moved the motherboard to the new case, I had to take the CPU fan off in order to take out another component. When I did this, I saw that the thermal paste on the CPU looked crackly, but I also got a tiny bit of it on my finger when I accidentally brushed against it (though I don't think it was enough to have a major effect on heat dissipation) and it was still fluid. I'm not sure if the thermal paste needs to be redone, but even if it does, how could this be causing the warning message? I'm not sure what is going on now, so I need a bit of consulting. Any takers?
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  1. If I am not wrong, your system fan don't mean your CPU fan. Usualy it's another 3-4 pin connector on your mobo /maybe for an active cooler of the mobo if such one in presented/. If you use for your system /on the case/ cooling big fans, powered directly from the PSU you don't need to use this additional 3pin power port on the mobo. But please check also do you have a fan for cooling the motherboard chips, and if yes - is it working.
  2. I have already checked all this out, but the message still presents itself. I have also tried disconnecting all fans except the CPU fan, and nothing changed. I remain puzzled :/. My PSU is also very basic, so there is no way for me to power the fans directly.
  3. it's a fan error. The bios shows this because it detects a faulty or nonfunctional fan, it has nothing to do with temperature. Sometimes reconnecting the fan will fix it, but as long as your fan functions correctly, it's the mobo's problem.
  4. Sometimes with temperature regulated fans, the fans spin too slowly and the BIOS gives a warning. Often there is an option in the BIOS to specify a minimum fan speed or to disable the fan speed warning.
  5. Unfortunately, my motherboard is OEM, so there is no way to adjust fan speeds, however I will inspect the case fans to make sure non of them are faulty.

    I have also been told that if I removed the CPU fan when I migrated the parts, I messed up the thermal paste and should clean it off the heatsink and replace it. If this is the case, how should I go about doing this (I have a Pentium Dual-core CPU, and I know that different CPU's require different application techniques).
  6. it might help your temperature to reapply thermal paste, but it won't solve the fan problem, just saying.
  7. Then what could be causing the problem? I'm a bit confused here :??:
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