Cpu overheating problem

Hello, recently i have been having this problem, and each time my cpu reaches around 68-69 degrees it crashes and turns off my keyboard , mouse , screen and the whole computer freeze's (i know this because sound just freeze) but the computer stays on for some wierd reason , i havent had a blue screen either

i have replaced my cpu cooler also try'd replacing the thermal compound and cleaned my computer too and its still overheating.

here are 2 screenshots , 1 of my DXDIAG and one from CPU-Z



thank you in advance
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  1. 68-69 degrees isn't hot for a CPU, the problem must have came from elsewhere. graphics failure? OS crash? lots of possibilities.
  2. well appearantly thats the max for my cpu i read somewhere, also my graphics card isnt the problem i already checked , the os is windows xp and i dont really think thats been a problem for anyone tbh
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