Need a board with support for ddr and ddr2 memory

I am not concerned with CPU at all, I think my requirements for the board are hard enough without making it even tougher by adding a CPU requirement.
I need this board to test the ram I sell.

I don’t want to have two computers
One for testing ddr and one for testing ddr2
And I would like one that at least has ddr800 support along with ddr pc2700 and pc3200.
Lastly I would hope that it’s not too picky about the ram it uses, I do not want to be returning good ram to my suppliers.
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  1. Just throwing this out there....

    There is no board that will support both. 2 reasons.

    1. They require different memory controllers, which depends on the CPU / NorthBridge

    2. They are different sockets, so you physically won't be able to plug RAM from one into the other.
  2. hey don't kill my thread.
    you are very wrong.
    ddr and ddr2 boards exist as do ddr2 and ddr3 boards.
    the memory support depends on which cpu you use.
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  4. Thanks
    I did get a board that supports both.
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