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I want project the TV image through our projector to get a larger picture for football games and such. The TV does not have an HDMI port but it does have VGA. If I get a VGA to HDMI converter box will the analog tv image be converted through the 1080p projector to get a higher resolution image on the big screen?
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  1. The VGA port on your TV is only an input. It will not output video to your projector. If you have a cable or satellite set top box, you should use one of those outputs (preferably one that matches the inputs on your projector). If you only have an antenna for local channels, you will probably need some sort of cable splitter and digital adapter to connect that to your projector.

    We need more specific information as to what's in your current set up.

    What model TV do you have?
    What is your video source (Cable/Satellite/Antenna)?
    Do you have a set top box?
    What model projector do you have?

    Answer these questions and we can probably give you the best way to connect your video system.

    BTW, I do the same thing during football season. I'm a Comcast cable subscriber and I could have my Comcast set top box connected directly to my projector (BenQ MP610) and the audio out connect to my surround sound system (Onkyo HT-S3300). Unfortunately, this set up does not improve my video resolution as my projector does not do upconversion.

    -Wolf sends
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