Brand new corsair power supply- cpu won't boot

Hey tom's, here is the scoop

I recently picked up a number of upgrades for my build, including a 6950, 16gigs of ripjaw ram, and a corsair HX750W power supply.

I installed the ram and card no problem and have been using them for a week, didn't feel like replacing the power supply because it was a hassle.

finally get around to it, get everything connected and flip the switch, and fans spin up full blast, no posting, and my red CPU light on my motherboard lights up! what gives? could it be that the psu I ordered isn't compatible with my setup? I was under the impression that they were universal.

Motherboard is an Asus crosshair IV Formula

Currently using my old power supply which when swapped back in booted up no problem. (also cost 1/3rd of my new one)

booo =[
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  1. Have a solid guess at a faulty power supply even tho ur choice of a psu is a good one.. but i would try it again in case for some daft reason you didnt connect to the motherboard proper.. i:e a connecter was not fully pushed in.. kinda stops of feeling like a fool when you take it back.. lol.. :-)
  2. I'll second RayT160's response ... go back and look at all the connections. I recently replaced my psu, and failed to hook it up properly the first time around. Was seriously considering returning the component until someone pointed out my error :-D
  3. It's really hard to mess up though, the only thing that is different is my motherboard has a capped set of 4 pins attached to the cpu power port that I uncapped and plugged both sides of the cpu connector into. after that didnt work I recapped it and plugged only half the cable in like my previous psu was and still nothing. It's really weird I don't want to have to send it back, the thing looks like it's rhino-lined and could take a few bullets! the only other things that are powered are the HD, dvd, and 2 pci-e for my videocard, not a complicated mess of wires at all!
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