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I have an old computer still using for data aquisition. after I plugged in it takes 2 hous and a half to start. after start is run ok..i already changed the PSU with a brand new one. my guess the problem is on mother B. what shoul i do?
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  1. I would stop using it immediately, because you don't want to destroy more parts by over volting or explosion or fire!
  2. Hi tibbile, if you're sure that the problem is with your mobo, then I suggest that you upgrade to a modern but a decent mobo, not too high-end if you'll just use it for data acquisition. You don't want to waste more money by the power it consumes every
    2 1/2 hours plus the new PSU you just bought, and don't risk the important data your rig contains, upgrade your mobo.
  3. Thanks guys, believe or not the problem was with the bios battery (low voltage). once replaced and did the setup, the computer runs ok. that's happening when computers are made in china.. never met something like that..
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