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Could anybody suggest a configuration for a Matlab/Mathematica workstation, mainly for image processing. The main requirement is lots of RAM (about 100GB would be nice). I checked the recommendations for HighEnd Workstations on this forum, but most of them use only relatively few RAM.

I put the following things together and would be happy for any suggestions:

- 6x Western Digital RE4-GP 2000GB (RAID 10)
- 2x AMD Opteron 4180, 6x 2.60GHz
- 12x Kingston ValueRAM DIMM 8GB PC3-10667R reg ECC CL9
- 1x Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD 5850, 2GB GDDR5
- ASUS KCMR-D12, AMD SR5670 (dual Sockel-C32, dual PC3-10667R ECC DDR3)
- LiteOn iHAS124
- Lian Li PC-A70FB
- Corsair HX 1000W ATX 2.2 (CMPSU-1000HX)

Many thanks in advance,

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  1. You are on the right track with server hardware if you want that amount of memory. One thing I am questioning is with the WD hard drives.... That seems very expensive for a 2TB drive and not seeing major advantages over a Samsung F4 or Hitachi 7K3000 at a fraction of the price. Also, you can get an HD 6850 for the same price as the older HD 5850.
  2. Thanks a lot for your input. For the HDD I'm mainly concerned about reliability when using it in a RAID. I wouldn't be so happy of they die too quickly and the workstation will probably be running 24/7. A decent write speed in a RAID 10 would also be good to have to speed up the data loading from HDD to RAM, but using SSDs for this purpose is still a bit over budget.

    For the graphic card, at least in Europe it seems like the HD6850 is only available with 1GB RAM. Is there a particular benefit for one or the other application for using a HD6850 with 1GB vs. a HD5850 with 2GB?

    Many thanks,

  3. If you don't mind me asking, what site do you plan on ordering from?
  4. About the hdd's. i did alot of research before making a raid of my own. The only benefiet of going with those drives is for a lower time limit for error recovery. They are basically identical in every way to the standard desktop drives, except for the error recovery time. Some raid cards can allow you to set a higher recovery time so a hdd doesnt get dropped from the raid.

    I personnally am running 4 of the green desktop versions in a LSI raid 5 config. No issues at all, and great performance considering that they are low power drives.

    Also the green series do have a high death rate within the first month or two, so make sure you keep a backup until you work them in and see if they last.
  5. farsuka said:
    If you don't mind me asking, what site do you plan on ordering from?

    Actually it will probably the usual dealer of our IT department (www.prodimex.ch). Certainly not the cheapest option, but we will see, if the can make a good offer.
  6. ...very interesting build indeed.

    MEM - At the moment there are open boxes of Wintec DDR3-1333 ECC 24GB kits (3x8GB) on Newegg for $460 (normally $620 - $650). May be cheaper / better than using the Kingston ValueRam. As long as you can test them within their warranty period all is good. Says "Limit 5" so I assume four sets are in stock...
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