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Hi it's me again, I just got my HD 5750 vid card and have questions about installation: The instructions say to uninstall the old graphics driver before inserting the new card but is this necessary if it's using integrated graphics now? What if I need to go back to using the integrated graphics if there's issues with the new card? If I remove the old drivers how will my monitor work to d/l the latest ATI drivers from their site?
Does the display still work without any drivers?

Also the instructions don't mention changing the bios display setting from its current "PCI" to "x16" but that must be required right?

Sorry if I'm rambling here but I like to understand things completely.
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  1. Why don't you download the latest AMD Catalyst driver before you change the graphics card?

    If you remove the old driver then there is a default Microsoft VGA driver that will be used so in theory you should be able to get some image on your monitor at 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 depending on your Windows version.
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    Hello Anubis,

    Your pc will be fine without the display drivers installed. Just uninstall the current drivers following the directions given.

    Alternatively, this link gives instructions on how to do it if you are unsure.

    Then turn off your system, pull out the power cord from the socket and install the new graphics card. Have you done that before? Just make sure you insert it with firm, equal pressure but without really forcing it. It should pop down into the slot nicely. Just make sure there is space next to the card, on smaller board it will stick out over the next PCI slot.

    Connect your video card using the blue vga connector or the white dvi connector depending on your monitor. If you have the option of using the white connector take it, it allows catalyst to scale the image to your monitor more easily in the later versions.

    Turn on the PC and you should have a display, it might just be at a very low resolution. Download and install your drivers and that should remedy the situation. Then you are good to go!

    As for the bios situation, to my understanding most bios setups will figure it out by themselves, but if you want to check, just keep tapping delete after you turn the PC back on. It will take you to the bios screen. Find the setting there and make sure it is at x16 or auto if that option is available.

    Good luck!
  3. Where should I get the drivers from AMDs site or the card manufacturer site (Powercolor) and do I need all three driver downloads?
  4. Go directly to the source AMD. The latest driver is always available there. Beta drivers too if you're adventurous.
  5. LOL do you think I'm adventurous?
    There's a Catalyst Software Suite and a Catalyst Software Suite with APP removed (64 bit) what's the diff?
  6. The Catalyst Software Suite includes OpenCL (Open Computing Language).

    The Catalyst Software Suite with APP removed doesn't have OpenCL.

    If you play games that use realistic physics simulation and that have OpenCL support you will want to download and install the first one.
  7. Ok I'm done, installed the first driver d/l, Win exp index went from 3.2 to 5.9, everything's working fine so far, thanks for all the help, Toms is the best!

    I also had to change the BIOS to x16, the card wasn't auto detected (just in case anyone else has a Compaq Presario CQ 5619 and is installing a vid card)
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