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I7 2600k Intergrated Graphics ??

I don't quite understand how to take advantage of Intel® HD Graphics 3000 built into the i7 2600k processor. I know mine is inactive. I wonder if it is because my motherboard is H67 or because I have a graphics card installed? I also wish to know the purpose of the Intel® HD Graphics 3000. Is it to replace the need of a graphics card or to work in conjunction with a graphics card or is it for better performance if there is no graphics card. I have searched the web and haven't found a definitive answer.

Replies will be appreciated. Thank you
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    It replaces the need for a graphics card.

    In the past the Intel graphics core was part of the chipset. This time it is part of the CPU. You will need a H67 or Z68 chipset motherboard to use it. It does not work in conjunction with any video card. Either you use it or you don't.

    The Intel HD 3000 is a little more powerful than the Radeon HD 5450. That is about 2x better than Intel's previous GMA 4500MHD.
  2. One must always use something for graphics output. The Intel HD Graphics 3000 is for people without a discrete graphics card, and will not work in conjunction with one. If you want to use it, I believe you can select which graphics you use in the bios. you also have to plug your monitor into the ports coming directly out of the motherboard, and not out of the discrete graphics card if one is present.

    Hope this clears things up :)

    EDIT: Damn it! lol 11 seconds.
  3. Well one caveat to that. Z68 allows you to use quick sync which is basically a feature to speed up video encoding by using the integrated graphics part of the CPU called the EUs.
  4. There are a couple of situations where one would use the integrated. But first for you, if you only have one monitor and a discrete card already then you don't need to do anything, it can't be used in conjunction with a card. If you do want to use it, plug the monitor in the motherboard ports. However it will disable your discrete card.

    If someone did not need the power of a discrete card then could save money and just use the integrated for like an htpc. Another situation is if they wanted even more monitors. A nvidia card can support 2 monitors, amd can do 3, some can do 4. Some people need lots of monitors, like stock traders or multimedia artists.
  5. Thank You for your responses. I bought this and put it all together. I've never tried it without the card. I think I'll take the card out and test the WEI. My score now is 6.7.
    Will the WEI be sufficient to use for comparison? I do wonder if I should have bought the Z68 motherboard. I still may consider this if practicable. My system is barely a month old. I may buy a Z68 or a higher end card. I may stay where I am now. I did read that the Z68 is better for overclocking as well. Please, anyone respond if you wish. This forum is part of my learning.
    Thank you.
  6. WEI is garbage. Best way to compare the power of two graphics cards (or IGP) is to run 3DMark Vantage (or 11 if you were using DX11 cards, but obviously Integrated doesn't have DX11). You could also use FurMark although that's meant as a burn in test.
  7. Or you could tell us what graphics card you have and we can tell you how it fares to the igpu. H67 cannot overclock the cpu but z68 can. You can't really say z68 is better since h67 can't do it at all. (Well some can do 400mhz actually but not many.) Unless you mean overclocking the igpu then it's pretty much the same.

    Btw what do you use the computer for?
  8. I do play games. I have this topic on another forum as well. I am pasting a reply I made there.

    You are absolutely right about the H67. I didn't do enough homework before I decided on the motherboard. This is my first build. I did buy the 2600k because it was unlocked. I focused on price and 1155 socket. This motherboard works perfectly but will not do what I want. I have since decided also that I wish I had purchased 4 ram slots instead of 2 because 4 gig ram chips are cheaper than 8 gig chips significantly. I may purchase a Z68 with 4 slots and add 2 more 4gig chips. I don't have a very high end card. I know the graphics on the chip are disabled because I ran ADPI64 test. I have a wireless adapter on order that should arrive tomorrow. While I am installing that I will take the graphics card out and run WEI. WEI reports 6.7 rating now. If the rating goes down I will know my performance is better with the card. If it goes up its better without the card. I do play a lot of games. I may also upgrade for a little higher end card priced between 100-200 dollars.
  9. The integrated graphics (HD 3000), in terms of gaming, is roughly close to a 5550 if I remember correctly. Chances are your discreet card is much better.
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