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Okay this is probably going to sound like a really newbie question but hey.
Okay so how do you what slots the pci-e on a motherboard will line up with?
Do they always start on the first expansion slot?
For example, if my case has 8 expansion slots, will the pci-e on this board http://www.guru3d.com/news/evga-shows-z77-ftw/ line up with 1,3,4,5,7 with the x1 in slot 6?

Another question. Why do some mobos have more than 4 slots when you can only do 4-way sli most? And i'm talking about normal boards not things like the EVGA SR-2.
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  1. Cases and MOBO all vary. Hard to say which it will land on. What is your concern as to why it would matter? Many more devices are made to to pci-e, not just video cards.
  2. Always start at the first slot, usually the first slot runs at x16 second x8(band width) for video card.
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