Compare radeon 9250 128m with geforce fx5200 128m

Dear Friends

I have recently installed "Win7 Ultimate" on an old pc with the following spec.:
CPU: Intel 2.8 GHz
Graphic: Ati radeon 9250 128M
Ram: 4*256M bus 333

In WinXp I had played BeachHead 2002 game before but now I can't. Whenever I run the game, an error comes up and the system restarts. Is there any way for me to resolve this problem or I should come back to WinXp?

Thank you
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  1. The game might not be fully Windows 7 compatible, or you might not have the proper video card drivers installed. Check device manager and see if you actually have the proper drivers installed for your video card, because I believe out-of-the-box, Windows 7 won't have a driver for a Radeon 9250.
  2. AMD/ATI discontinued support for the Radeon 92xx series cards back in November of 2006 (IIRC). There are no official Windows 7 drivers for that card. Your best bet would be to go back to XP or get a newer graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Guru3d has patched drivers for old video cards to make them work in Win 7. We have several dozen high-end P4 systems (3.4 P4, 2gb ram) at work that, for some reason, are all running GeForce4 MX 440 video cards. They'll run the hell out of Win 7 but there are no *offical* drivers for the video cards in them. But I could've sworn that Win 7 will get the necessary driver for the 9250 from windows updates if you let it. I can verify later this week when I get a chance.
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