Ideal motherboard for a Gaming and a Hi-end HTPC.

Hey all,

Ideally i would prefer a i5 2500K build, i know its a bit over kill for HTPC, but, i would like to use the machine for some video editing, blu-ray ripping, encoding/transcoding. Very light gaming as well, i have already brought the i5 processor, i would like to get this build ready. Personally i think, i5 2500K is a good value for money, for general resource intensive use.

I am looking for an ideal motherboard that compliments my HTPC build. Soon i will be integrating a Norco 20 bay to this setup.
For the HTPC there are a couple of components that i have already brought.

Already have.

CPU : i5 2500K (Already have it).

PSU : CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX850. (I already brought this)

Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB Cas - 7 Timing 7-8-7-24 (i already had this for an i7 gaming build, idea dropped)

Still to buy.

GPU : PowerColor SCS3 AX6850 (its the fastest passivly cooled/fanless gpu, would like to have a fanless gpu)

SSD : Crucial M4 128GB SATA III

Case : SilverStone CW02B-MXR (not sure about this yet, would like to have some sort of LCD on the case, might go for OrigenAE)

TV Tuner Card : Hauppauge Colossus

I am considering ASRock Z68 Extreme3

Not sure if the this motherboard has all the bells and whistles that is required for a good HTPC setup. Again, i am not looking for OC'ing the setup, but i would definately like to have all the options that go on a motherboard that is ideal for a high-end HTPC setup. Is there anything better? Dont want to spend over 200 dollars on a M/B. I thought the above Asrock Extreme3 is a good good value for money with lots of features for both media and multimedia designing as well. Or should i go for a higher Asrock model, or Asus??
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  1. take a look at this link its a micro ATX MB made by Asrock
  2. aqe040466 said:
    take a look at this link its a micro ATX MB made by Asrock

    For a very minimal cost, i guess the extreme3 is still better than the one u mentioned above.

    Guys, i am still lost, any advice from you will help. I think i am starting to lean towards Asus now. The more i read abt Asrock, the more i get to know that the board has atleast 30% trouble with bios, bsod etc.
    How important is Gen3 for a mobo??

    Is this too much for an HTPC?
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