CPU Temp - SpeedFan or CoreTemp?

Is SpeedFan wrongly testing my CPU?
Its showing this:
GPU: 27C
System: 26C
CPU: 87C
AUX: 72C
HD0: 27C
Core 0: 28C

Than CoreTemp reads this:
Core #0: 28C
Core #1: 28C
Core #2: 28C
Core #3: 28C

I'm confused! I have a Corsair Cooling H50. Everything seems to be running perfectly.
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  1. Damn SpeedFan is making me nervous. Dropped to 65C than immediately flipped to 90C. Any ideas is very appreciated.
  2. Also just checked with RealTemp and it shows all my cores being low as well.
  3. CoreTemp is more accurate.

    But those temps look fine for a H50, although you didn't mention cpu or motherboard.
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