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I'm looking into getting and upgrade in graphics I have a galaxy geforce 9600gt le 512 ddr3. I saw Best Buy has a 9800 1024 ddr3 for $74. Not looking to spends hundreds ust looking for the most bang for my buck . if anyone has any sug. let me know thank you
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    I am presuming before hand that you have a 400w or greater PSU ? If that is true I would recommend the GTS 450
    It is quite a bit more powerful than the 9800 so you won't need to upgrade to soon in the future, which will save money and for only $50 more at newegg it is a really good card. I do understand though that you said you didn't want to spend $100's and if you cant afford the GTS 450 the 9800 GT is a great card but like I said they are dying out and an upgrade will be required relatively soon.

    I am sure you will be able to find a cheap GTS 450 on amazon or somewhere like that. But just confirm that
    you have a 400w+ PSU (You should have).
  2. Could you give us more info on your computer? It really help when offering the best advice. ;)
  3. asus m4a78tl-m LE
    phenomII x2 560 unlocked to x4 stable safe OC to 3.8
    8 gigs ocz gold series pc10666
    diablotek 500 watt ps
    500 GB baracuda 7200
  4. The 5670 is a nice upgrade from a 9600gt but it's not a huge step up.
    I'd reccomend either the 5770 or the GTX460.

    How much do you have to spend for this upgrade?
  5. Great card for the money and low on power.

    5770 $130=$100 after MIR + Free Shipping
  6. Keeping it cheep:

    This ATI ...........If you dont mind the rebate is a very good deal.

    for a little bit more:

    This Nvidia ... rebate as well.

    They both perform about the same and have better cooling.
  7. purple stank said:
    Great card for the money and low on power.

    5770 $130=$100 after MIR + Free Shipping

    ^oops ... beat me to it :p
  8. The HIS is cheaper but i was more intrested in the Vapor X version.Only $10 more.
  9. The 5770 is much better than the 5670.It's only $15 more and it's almost doubling performance.
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