Incompatible ram

My motherboard recently died and i had to replace it with a new one.

without thinking i added a new motherboard and it turns out my ram is not
compatible with the new board.

the problem im having is when turning on my computer im not getting any signal on my monitor from my graphics card.

would incompatible ram be the cause of me getting 0 signal?
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  1. Yes. System specs would help us help you.
  2. I7-950
    Asis sabertooth x58
    HAF 932
    6 GBs of imcompatible gskill RAM
    120gb sata 3 plextor ssd
    1tb caviar black
    Gtx 480

    With the old MOBO the computer would not even power on.

    Having replaced it with the saber tooth the computer now turns on but the RAM LED indicated incompatibility as does the MOBO manual.

    Ivetried booting with no RAM installed but the monitor just goes into power saving mode.

    The monitor is getting absolutely nothing, I don't even eat like a constant black screen, it just power saved

    So, incompatible/no RAM can cause this?
  3. Model of the RAM?

    Also your power supply?

    You had issues and replaced the MB? What issues and how did you diagnose the problem?
  4. G skill f3-12800cl8t-6gbrm

    750w corsair

    Yes. A curtain fell off and hit my case. Screen froze so I decided to hold the power to turn it off. Upon trying to power it back on the computer would stay on for ten seconds or so the shut off. I decided to turn the power supply off and on and doing so made the computer no longer even turn on.

    I replaced the power supply with a new one and it didn't help. I tested them both via paper clip method and they powered fans fine.

    Upon replacing the MOBO today my system comes on but the RAM I have is not compatible with the sabertooth MOBO.

    I just find it weird that having incompatible/no ram installed would give me absolutely no monitor signal. Shouldnt I be able to turn the comp on and see something? Maybe even just a black screen, that would at least show my system is at least somewhat there?
  5. Huh, I would guess that RAM would work fine with that board even if it's not on the QVL. This right?

    So you have a new PSU and a new motherboard but still no working computer. Strange.

    Have you tried the RAM 1 stick at a time?

    Incompatible RAM can cause a no boot issue but like I said above that RAM looks fine to me for that board.
  6. Yep, that's the ram

    The MOBO manual doesn't say it's compatible as well as the RAM LED on the MOBO stays a constant red indicating is not compatible.

    And yes, I've tried each stick one at a time.

    Also, I'm no longer using the new power supply but the old one. I figured the power supply surely wasn't the problem so I swapped back to the old one.

    I'm assuming I getm no monitor signal at all due to having incompatible ram

    Should I be able to et a monitor signal with no ram installed?
  7. No with no RAM it will not boot at all. Thankfully DDR3 is cheap. Might as well try some on the QVL.
  8. Anyways, even though the RAM is incompatible, shouldn't I at least get a monitor black screen or something?

    Seems weird that the RAM is not allowing any video signal

    If anyone could clarify this it would be great
  9. Helllp
  10. It doesn´t look like a ram problem. Tough the ram kit isn´t in the manufacturer QVL, it should work properly on a X58 platform, since it is Triple Channel Kit 1.65v
  11. I mean with my old MOBO I couldn't even et the computer to turn on. With the new one it turns on but I get no signal to the monitor.

    I have absolutely no idea what to do now since I have RAM on the QVL on the way
  12. Try with the upcoming new ram kit then. If it doesn´t post, then you have to look at another issue.
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