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Crashing and BSOD - Possible MOBO or CPU issue?

Hey all, first time poster and new joined but a very long time stalker if you will.

Hopefully someone can help me out here.

My computer is frequently but irregularly crashing. I don't always get a BSOD and in reality I only get it 1 in 3 crashes. I haven't made any hardware changes or software changes in a couple months and have only very recently been having problems.

Crash will occur regardless of activity or length of time the computer is on. Completely random it seems. Gaming doesn't seem to make a difference. Sometimes I can play for hours while others the computer will barely start and it will crash. it's a crash followed by at least an attempted restart but I'm getting an inconsistent restart.

I am running a AMD Phenom II x6 on an ASUS MOBO with a core unlocker. I've unlocked the cores of course and the post screen had long told me that "6 Cores are Activated" but on three occasions now it's like the motherboard has forgotten that and prompts me to unlock the cores again. No change regardless of number of cores activated or whether I am overclocking or not.

My thinking is that since this is a new issue and I haven't changed anything on my computer since I built it a year ago other than a new keyboard and mouse several months ago that this must be a hardware issue. Motherboard sounds right but I don't know.

I have run a memory test and tested both modules individually using windows memtest program. Video drivers updated and newest BIOS updated.

AMD Phenom II x6 1090t
GSkill Ripjaws 8gb
WD 1tb HD
XFX Radeon HD 5770 x 2 Crossfire
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  1. Use Blue Screen Viewer to see what cause the problem
    and post back here
  2. I installed and ran it. I am not overly familiar with this but overwhelmingly I see ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40 or ntoskrnl.exe+7cd40 as the crash address. I'm not sure what else I should be looking at. It seems that this file causes a lot of problems after a quick google search but I don't know how to further analyze this.
  3. you already test you memory .... and you say everything OK...

    Now try to test the HD
    Download teh Crystal Disk info...and see any error on the HD

    May be is the Virtural Memory cause problem..
  4. Yeah I did the memory test using Windows MemTest bootable program. I tested each stick individually because it won't test more than 4gb at a time.

    I ran the HD test as you suggested and it came back good.
  5. Best answer
    Find something on the web say regarding driver issue....

    is this situation similar to you ...?
  6. you will have ot use memtest one stick at the time LATEST VERSION : 4.20 go to the bottom of the page they show you how to use it
  7. That post looks very similar other than they are using an intel system and mine is AMD. I found my LAN driver to be out of date and I know something weird happened to my audio driver a few months ago but I basically use a headset exclusively now.

    I hadn't thought about that till I read the thread but at the same time, I haven't had issues till very recently and I've had no changes on my system for a few months.

    Going to update drivers and run the memory test and see what happens.
  8. So I ran memtest86 and no errors came up. I also updated drivers. The memtest86 program ran all night without a crash too so that might mean something.
  9. did you got another crash since your run memtest
  10. yes it crashed once more.

    After that I downloaded a windows update tool that didn't seem like it did anything and then I removed one of my video cards. No crash without the 2nd video card in and I tested that for a while. I put the 2nd card back in the computer and it still hasn't crashed.
  11. you run in crossfire and have the driver on the system if you remove one card then driver became wrong so if you want to run on a single card you will have to remove the crossfire driver,that why you had a crash
  12. Yeah it looks the driver causes the problem. No crashes since I removed the card and have put it back. Looking good. Many thanks
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