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I am looking to build a new system. I game, and I compress a lot of video. I also have a LED 3D TV I would Like to stream to.

So please keep in mind I want 3D capable video card that can handle newest games. Want a processor that handle doing video compression very fast.

What do you recommend best bang for buck. Want to keep the system under $2000 definately would like to try my best to keep it under $1500. And please try to keep cooling in mind.

Thank you So much.
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  1. If you are going to do a lot of video compression and gaming, I'd recommend waiting until the z68 boards come out in a month or so in order to have the quick sync feature with the ability to oc your processor and have discrete graphic cards.
  2. Thats not a problem. I just dont upgrade often and want to get the best for the money I spend. Right now I have a intel core 2 2.40ghz 2gb of ram. and its takeing me 7 hours to compress the videos I am dealing with. I am wanting to get that under an hour if possible. And while Im doing the upgrade I want to add 3D to stream to my TV when more 3D streaming options become available, Im hopeing netflix will offer this in the years to come.
  3. I was wanting to get a 6 core CPU, upon research (little admitedly). I see 2 off the top. amd phenom II X6 and Core i7 extreme edition. Why the price difference of these? AMDs is between 200 and 300. While Intels is between 900 and 1000???
  4. Ok after looking into it more I see why the intel is so much more, it has a lot better performance. The cheapest Intel Cpu I see with 6 Cores is this:

    Is it possible to build a system around this for less then $1500???
  5. No help on this?
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