How do i choose the right power supply unit for me? how many watts

i am confused at power supply units PSU how do i choose the right amount of watts for me?
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  1. You could supply your system info and get reccomendations from forum members,
    or use a psu calculator
    Then come back and ask for a reccomendation for a decent quality unit in the wattage range it gives.
  2. the parts of the pc that draw the most power are the CPU and the can find how many watts a cpu-gpu consumes by benchmarks over the will be able to find how much power you need if you total the watts that the cpu and gpu draws...for axample,you have a cpu that consumes 120w in its peak and a gpu that consumes 160w in its peak so you will need a350-400w psu(it really needs 280watts,but you have to take pracautions in case of an over load and stuff like that,so i would recomet to pick a psu that has 100w more than what you need) . if you want the easy way use psu calculators such as the one that delluser1 recommended you.
  3. If u have a "normal" setup (no overclocking, a CPU that uses around 90-150W, a GPU that uses 80-130/140 watts) that uses about 340-400+ watts, u should get one of these:
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