Best res monitor for watching blu-rays, freeview HD

Hi guys,

I am currently building a new system which will have a blu ray player and also one of these new DVB-T2 freeview HD USB sticks (which can pick up 4 HD TV channels).

Question is what is best resolution monitor to buy?

I have read somewhere that if you watch a 1920x1080 movie on a 1920x1200 monitor, you actually end up with a poorer picture, as the PC has to guess which colours to use in the additional 120 lines of pixels.

Is this true? Am I best to stick to a monitor which has 1080 rows of pixels, or should I go for max resolution as I can afford? As I say, PC will be used mainly for TV card and blu ray movies, no gaming reqd.

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  1. just get a 1080 res screen if you are going to watch lot of hd material on it. with 1200 you just get distorted aspect ratio or black bars above and below the image when viewing hd stuff..
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