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Hi Guys,

I am about to upgrade my computer to a new Ivy Bridge i7-3770* and a GTX680, 8GB Ram, and lots of HDD space. However I am only wanting to buy a motherboard with performance and not so many PCI slots. I'm playing games, running VM's and most other ordinary computer use. Could someone point me to 1 or more decent motherboards they would recommend for this purchase

Also I am building a mini-atx unit for moving around does anyone have any good gaming boards I can look into for that. My main computer is still an ATX.

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  1. This is arguably the best 1155 Z68 Micro-ATX board out there. The smaller sibling to it's full ATX beast of a brother, with only 2 PCIe 16x slots and a smaller form factor.

    It is absolutely compatible with the Ivy Bridge CPU's coming out in a couple months, although with the new CPU's will be new MB's and Chipsets.
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