Dell dimension E510-black screen with dollar signs all over it

my dell dimension e510 will only boot up to a black screen with rv370 p/n-113-a62801 so i took out video card tried the onboard and i only get a black screen with dollar signs
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  1. Hello,
    I am from the Dell Social Outreach Services Group handling Customer Queries through Face Book, Twitter and blogs across the Globe. I am really sorry for the issue you are facing, I would be glad to look into this and assist you. Kindly reach us at @dellcares or with the service tag.


  2. TulsiAtDell, I think I found the problem. The owner had taken this comp, to a repair shop that to me has questionable ethics. They charged him for a mobo, and gave no warranty. When he called with the same problem, he was told they would charge for another mobo. Well, he ended up giving it to me. I have fought this thing for days it seems like. I had given up and was stripping it today when I decided to look at the P4 processor. It looked as if it had been filed smooth; no pins. I had an old HP that is dead with same P4, so I installed it. It came on. The heat sink fan ran wide open for a moment, and just as I started to shut it down, it settled down. I let it run for another moment and then shut it down until I get some thermal paste tomorrow. Does this sound as if it might work, and how much paste should I put on it?
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