Upgrading a cpu in a factory computer

Just a quick question for those with more experience: Can I or should I upgrade my CPU?

I just upgraded from an old nVidia 9800GT to a GTX460 (1GB) for better game performance, but should I upgrade my CPU as well?

I currently have a remarkably slow AMD Phenom II x4 running at a taudy 2.6Ghz. I know the AMD Phenom II Black Edition uses the same socket type and is 3.4Ghz out of the box. Should I upgrade the processor to black edition or just get a new motherboard for the set-up? (I was thinking of purchasing an AM3+ Mobo)
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  1. You have an hp or dell system? Can't change the board in those without effecting your windows coa. What is the current board model number? Does it list any upgrades?
  2. It's an HP, not that old.

    I tried, but I can't find a board model number. But it has a Phenom II x4 already in it, so I thought it would use the AM3 socket. Hence, upgrading to the Black Edition of the Phenom II.

    But I realize that I would have to buy a new copy of Windows if I replace the MOBO.
  3. Most probably your computer is slowing down due to malware or bloatware. In other words this is a software problem. I suggest reinstalling windows without making any hardware changes.
  4. My computer isn't slowing down, but I would like more performance. Besides, I don't have a CD/DVD to reinstall Windows 7.
  5. That cpu should be fine witha 460, i run a phenom I 9840 with a 460 and game without problems.
  6. Download "CPU-Z".. Goto Google and search! Install and you can see all the components of ur PC! Including Mobo, CPU,Ram etc!
    After that report here!
  7. A SSD isn't gonna add any fps just speed up load times which is a waste of money, but waiting for bulldozer is a good idea. Usually retail computers are not made for upgrading, just a way to make you buy a whole new pc. But still check your motherboard model and someone can check if you can run the 955. If you want a performance increase, the intel i5 2500k would be your best bet for now.
  8. Quote:
    you could just tell us your PC make/Model and we could tell you your PC specs, but yeah a Phenom II 910e (2.6Ghz, its a 65W CPU so im not too sure if a 95W would work) should be able to handle a GTX460 1GB just fine. And yeah upgrading your mobo would require buying another copy of your OS. If you do plan on doing an Upgrade i would reccommend waiting will Bulldozer is actually released in a month or two, Since your current system is more than capable.

    if you want a performance boost i would reccommend the OCZ solid3/Agility3 or the OCZ Vertex 3 series SSDs.

    As far as the SSDs go, I'm waiting for more price drops. Otherwise, all they'll hold is the OS while a traditional hard disk would store the games. (Over $100 for a 60 GB on Newegg.)
    My model is a Phenom II x4 910e. So it looks like a new mobo is in order.
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