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I have just built this computer and I have a question about the operation of it.

1. When I turn it on there is a message on the American Megatrends page that says CPU fan error. I can see the CPU fan working so why do I have this message?

Processor = Intel Core I5 2500
Motherboard = Asus P8268-V Pro Gen 3
Hard Drive = Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 tb
Memory = G. Skill Ripjaw series
DVD Burner = Asus DRW SATA 24x
Case = Antec Three Hundred illusion BLK

I called Asus and they said I might need to up date the BIOS. I am not sure what or how to do this. The fan is running around 975-1000 RPM's at 32 degrees C. What do you all recommend I do? If I update the BIOS what all does this involve and what is the downside of this if there is one.

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  1. Hi there,

    Check if u have it connected to the right connector.
  2. Check if your cooler is properly installed and the fan is connected to the proper slot.
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