Hello, I would like to connect two LAN's to single pc using 2 nics, so that the 2 networks are available on the pc. But the problem is that, the user who access to the LAN1 should not able to access LAN2 and vice versa. For this i have installed two different OS, so that one lan will be configured for one OS respectively. With this the user who access LAN 1 should boot with the specific OS in which the particular LAN is configured. But still some security issues are there. My requirement is that, two users should use same pc but different LAN's simultanously and that too user1 who uses LAN1 should not access lan2 and should'nt access data of lan2and vice versa.
So plz anybody help me out.
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  1. [#0005ff]You can achieve what you want without adding a separate NIC but simply by giving each network a separate subnet. In network A you use the default gateway of the router and the IP of that router but use subnet In network B you woul duse subnet and the twain will never meet or crossover. No need for two OS - one copy of XP Professional will do nicely.[/#000ff]
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