Computers in network which connect wirelessly can't connect?

Hello. In my network I have two computers, a laptop, my wireless printer and my Xbox 360. My main computer (which I'm using now) and my Xbox 360 are plugged into the router via an ethernet cable, and I have had no problems connecting on these. However, my laptop and my upstairs pc (as well as my printer) are not connecting anymore. It was fine up until today. I have not moved any equipment, its all the same.

My upstairs pc connects using a USB connector which connects it to the network, the laptop and the printer both connect purely wirelessly and cannot connect. Though sometimes, the connection does come back to these, and when it does, it is always at the same time. However it lasts for around 3 minutes, and then the printer will not respond to prints and the laptop/pc will not connect to the internet.

I have disconnected and reconnected my router and modem several times, and has made no difference. I have had this netgear router for two years and this is the first time I've really had a problem with it (atleast, I think it is the router).

I signed up and installed skype today, however I have no idea how this would make a difference and the internet disconnected for the first time on these other computers before I installed it on this one. I don't think skype would make a difference.

It is getting quite frustrating, so I was thinking of resetting my router, however I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do. Do you think it is a faulty router? Also, I do not have the discs or anything for the router, and I would lose my network if I reset it, which can be annoying to set up again, so I'm not sure if I should do it.

I was considering purchasing a new router; do you think it would be worth it? I'm not going to take any action tonight, because it may change tomorrow. There is seeminly no obvious cause to how this began to happen, so it may just go away? I'm not sure. But i'm quite sure it cannot be my ISP because I haven't disconnected at all on this pc or my xbox.

So what should I do?

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  1. It just disconnected on this computer as well.
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