Duel Radeon HD 5870 Question

My computer is running two 5870's crossfired I just installed the program CPU-Z and noticed on the graphics tab it shows one card at core clock 849 mhz and memory clock at 1200mhz but the other is only at core clock 156 mhz and memory clock 300 mhz Is this normal or is one bad? Im kinda learning things and not sure if this is the way it's suppose to work. Thanks
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  1. The higher clocks are probably the 3D settings and the lower clocks are the 2D settings. Your cards slow down to save power when not being used for 3D applications. Try downloading GPU-Z.
  2. ^Agree.It is in power saving mode.
    Best way to see if their's anything wrong would be to stress out the cards and see if the clocks rise.If it does then theirs no problem.
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