Too big of cpu fan for my case??

I plan on building a new computer top to bottom. I was looking at the Cool Master 212 plus
But I was reading the reveiws for it and it seems to be the only downfall is that its huge!
I have picked the ZALMAN Z9 Plus Black Steel computer case
I dont know if this case would be too small or what...I like it becasue it can hold up to 7 fans! Also it has LED fans and a temp sensor and a fan controller, most of all its CHEAP!
Please help :( I dont want to end up getting a all of the parts and end up sending them back becasue my stupid cpu fan wont fit, Also I am a little weary about the pci slot size. Will my big His Radeon HD 6950 fit in there? I think its about 11"
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    Have you already bought your case? If not, just buy this:
    It'll more than fit everything without any issue.
    (I have the HAF 912 with the 212+ and an 6950 so I know they all fit.)
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  3. that's pretty good~~
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