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what is the difference between P6100 and i3 370. Will hyperthreading and increased speed make a difference between daily tasks such as internet, music, movies, microsoft office, itunes. I own a dell 14R with P6100 4gb ram 500 seagate hard drive intel hd. It is really fast and I never have to wait for something to open. Plus four hour battery life. In my opinion upgrading to i3 or i5 will not make a difference for everyday tasks. Only if you do heavy work then you need it. My brother owns a i5 520 sony and I do not see any difference in internet or office or a movie. It opens at same speed as my pentium. So it will be wiser to stick with what I have rather than to upgrade. I previously had a core duo laptop. It was fast but had no HDMI, could not play HD content properly, was really HOT (used to burn my legs), and gave me 40 minutes max battery life. With my new laptop I am able to play HD, view HD on my tv, and the laptop stays ice cool. Even when i am playing some games the fan only slightly turns on and never gets hot. I noticed that the new intel cpus are cheaper than the core2duos and offer double the performance and half the temperature. So beware not to buy a core2duo, you can much cheaper and better with i series.
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  1. Yes. Stick with what you have. You answered your own question by comparing your system to your brother's. Laptops aren't designed for any cpu upgrades; their cpu temps are borderline anyway due to the tiny heatsinks.
  2. I have a dell inspiron 15r with a P6100 cpu, 4gb ram, 730gb hard drive, and i was seriously thinking for an upgrade (for the cpu) despite the fact that my laptop is running pretty fast. But after reading many opinions like yours I have correctly reconsider. There is no reason to spend more money for an upgrade that will not give me a difference. Don't spend money where not needed!
  3. For the money you spend putting new upgraded parts in you couls have boughten yourself a whole new laptop with even newer upgrades
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