My new 4g matched set of 1gb ram only works with 2gb

I upgraded my Gateway GT5058 to Win7 worked fine with 4 slots of 512 memory. I wanted to update ram and purchased 4gb of matched 1gb chips. When I install all 4 I get BSD. If only 2gb in any slot and any mixture of chip it works fine. Only when I add more than 2gb do I get BSD.
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  1. bad ram? windows 32bit?
  2. ok we need all the spes did u add any thing other then the ram? and what windows r u running 32bit or 64? keep in mind windows 32 bit only supports up to 3g and u might need to get a 64 bit windows to run 4g
  3. Found his specs here

    Are you certain you were using the same ram type? Windows 7 32bit wouldn't BSoD because you start with more than 2 gigs of ram. It sounds more along the lines that one of your ram slots could be bad, one stick of your new ram is bad, OR you are using incorrect ram for the machine.
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