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Hello everyone! I have been planning on a new build for some time and all of this news about Intel and AMD is confusing me. I'm really looking to future proof myself so, therefore, I'm looking for the magic 3's (USB 3.0, SATA III, and PCI 3.0). At this point, it only seems like Intel's Ivy Bridge and it's chipsets are going to support all of this. So, my question is, has there been any information leaked about AMD supporting these things as well, or is Intel the only one doing so? Cause, if that's the cause, I don't see the point in a new AMD build if there not going to support PCI 3.0 or even have motherboards with the appropriate chipsets to support PCI 3.0 (I'm a gamer so I'm paying attention to this expansion). Thanks for any information anyone.
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    IIRC there was a story on the main page that AMD's Fusion chipsets would support USB 3.0, and presumably the BD chipsets would also support USB 3.0 (remember that the Fusion processors are not the same as BD). Keep in mind that many currently available motherboards from both AMD and Intel already support USB3 and SATAIII, only PCIe3 is currently missing from any current offerings. Reports are that the LGA2011 platform (Sandy Bridge-E, not Ivy Bridge), will be the first Intel platform to offer PCIe3 arounf Q4 of this year, however, I really don't think it is worth waiting just to get PCIe 3, because even a x8 link running at PCIe 2 speeds is enough for all but the most high end video cards.
  2. nothing supports pci 3.0 yet. There arent any cards for it, so it's kind of moot.

    Bulldozer is due out in 2 months, while ivy bridge is 2012 at least.
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