Monitor won't turn on.

Hi there,

I've just built a new computer, with a first time try at SLI and also such a powerful build, and after benchmarking to my best capabilities with the resources I have, I can't figure out why the monitor won't be turning on other than maybe a defect motherboard.

This is my setup:

AMD Phenom II X6 3.2ghz
8GB G.Skill Sniper PC-12800 1600 RAM. (Designed for Intel systems, but obviously should still work due to sticking to DDR 3 guidelines. Was just optimized for Intel).
2x EVGA GTX460 1GB Graphic Cards (SLI) (tried with just one too)
Asus M4N98TD EVO nForce 980a (Socket AM3) Motherboard
NZXT Phantom Black case.
OCZ ModXStream Pro 700w Silent SLI Ready ATX2 Modular Power Supply.

Now, I have followed your troubleshooting guide apart from a few things, but I don't think they have anything to do with it.

- I have tried just the PSU, mobo, CPU, one RAM stick and one graphics card.
- Tried it all.
- Tried just CPU and GPU. (obviously wouldn't work, but still all get power).
- All this many times!

I have everything connected properly, the PSU as far as I know is on one 12v rail and SLI ready so connectors work with it and got 2x 6 pins in each graphics card.
24pin power connector and 4pin ATX connected, however, haven't tried taking the cover off of it to make 8pin.

Now, this is just weird. I haven't heard the beeps from the speaker yet, but I can post that up when I get that working, believe I had it in the wrong bit before, but if I didn't it was still not making one noise.

APART FROM THAT, EVERYTHING turns on, even the graphics cards, both in and one in, CPU, CDROM, SATA everything... but I am just getting no display. I am just forced to believe that it must be a defect motherboard, unless I am really missing something here.

Now, I did something bad, I installed the motherboard without using stand-offs, but it still works and hasn't short out ONCE during the whole thing.

On the motherboard, the red light appears over MemOK! and core-unlocker after around 2 seconds after turning on.

Green light is on from switching on the PSU.

I hope this is sufficient info, this is all I know and up to my knowledge on how its all working, I am completely clueless, and really wana double check my calculation before dismissing it as a defect mobo.

Thanks in advance, detectives!
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  1. First of all use stands.
    when power on fans working?
  2. nagash is right stands are ever so important in effectively preventing serious un fixable short circuit/eltrical damage to your components....irection if ya chuck ya stands in to ground the mobo then this may fix problem....may not will but may./....possibly...
  3. Lynxzy said:
    On the motherboard, the red light appears over MemOK! and core-unlocker after around 2 seconds after turning on.

    From pg 2-20 of Motherboard manual

    MemOK! Switch
    Installing DIMMs that are incompatible with the motherboard may cause system boot failure, and the DRAM_LED near the MemOK! switch lights cintinuously. Press and hold the MemOK! switch until the DRAM_LED starts blinking to being automatic memory compatibility tuning for successful boot.
  4. Ah this looks like it could be the ultimate problem. I sifted through the manual in a panic and I must have missed this part of it. I am guessing this will be the problem due to using G.Skill Sniper RAM that has been designed and tunes for P45 & P55 chipsets for intel.

    I am at work until a bit later but I shall try this and let you know if it works.
  5. even if the problem turns out to be the memory,you really should take the system apart and use the standoffs for your motherboard,its important.....very important
  6. Yes, that I will be doing anyway, I ca't believe I overlooked it.

    The last build I made was for a friend that had standoffs already planted in the case, so I got into a bad habit after last time.

    Thanks for the help so far guys, I'll post up whether it's solved ASAP.
  7. Stand-offs : on
    MemOK! Switch : pressed

    Result : working without a sweat.

    Thank you copa and the others for the stand off advice. Next time I shall read the manual more carefully!
  8. Any time pal.
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