Help which is better 2g ddr2 800 or 2.5g ddr2 533 memory ram??

help which is better 2gb 800 or 2.5gb 533 memory ram??

im have 2 memory sticks the one is 2gb ddr2 800
and 512mb ddr2 533..

if i put them together it runs in lowest 533..
then if i remove 512mb ddr2 533
it runs at 800.

which is better? help please.. thanks
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  1. Don't bump. But If I would have to say you're quite a bit outdated and should just buy a new cheap board and some memory which is going for cheap now these days.

    are you sure your system can handle more then 2gb?

    In your case the 2.5gb 533, Just run it with both of them I don't think it should be making that big of a difference.
  2. Just run the single 2gb stick.
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