Help me plug in this Silverstone 1000w ST-G

I bought a gaming system from a gaming-pc manufacturer (ibuypower if i recall) .. msi p45 plat MB, powercolor ati radeon 4870 512, 500g hitachi deskstar hdd + 1 cd/rom/burner. PSU was 580 - I had restarts during high-load gaming (fallout 3, oblivion, etc) and i faulted the PSU, was pretty sure of that thru diagnostic programs.. so i have been wanting to replace the psu since then, been several months.. anyway i finally got around to replacing the PSU this week, first time ever doing such a thing.. I am trying to make sure I do the wiring of my new Silverstone 1000w ST-G modular PSU correctly... it's a bit more than I expected.. anyway I need to know if it's safe to plug a 6-pin connecter into the silverstone's 6/8 pin ports, it seems they can run as either but I *dont* know how to do this safely as I don't know which ones to leave empty on the PSU header or whatever.. Can anyone please help me out and let me know if I can be more clear? Thanks 1000k. l/l
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  1. a couple bits i forgot, that the cpu is a quad core yorkfield q8300, that the 6-pin is the psu end of a long multi-noded cord that supplies sata, was going to connect from the 6/8pin port on the psu (it's really an 8pin in appearance but they say 6/8 so im pretty sure it can be used as either) to the hdd and the cd-rom drive.. also i should say i looked through all the docs that were sent and i could find online for help b4 asking you fine people =)
  2. Having a 6 pin PCIe connector on the end of a string of other connector seems unlikely - the PCIe connector is usually the only connector on its cable because of the current that is drawn from it. The only wires attached to it should be black ones and yellow ones.

    Be careful - the PCIe connectors for the video card (which may be 6 pin or 8 pin), and the second motherboard connector (which may be 4 pin or 8 pin) look quite similar, and are easily confused.

    The PCIe connector and the motherboard (CPU voltage) connector have plastic shrouds around each pin. Those shrouds are different shapes, and they match the ones on the socket into which you plug them; as long as you are gentle, you can't plug them in the wrong way. Have a close look and you will see what I mean (BTW: a flashlight can be really helpful when looking at sockets into the case).
  3. I think I've been looking at this all wrong.. The ATX12v cable goes to CPU, I know that as its a msi p45 plat and also the 4-square cable is what I unplugged from the motherboard when taking out the old PSU, right there to the left of my CPU.. that's an 8 pin to 4+4pin and I've got that - and the PCIe cables are eight-to-6 and blue at one end, i'm cool on them.. i believe the 6 pin heads i'm looking at go into the 6 pin "IDE & SATA" ports I was too dumb to notice earlier.. again, flashlight helps =))) so i guess it was a bit of a newbie mistake, glad i didnt make it.. thanks for your help
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