3.5mm 4pole cant get mic going

hey guys i have jsut purchased a new heatset, it has a mic on it. the plug is a single 3.5mm 4 way plug.

says they are professional gaming gear, i canot get my mic to work, i would have thought it would have 2 plugs, one for sound and one for the mic, it think its designed for the iphone.

is there any way to get the mic going just using this one plug,

my mother board has 2 jacks on the front (green and pink) and 6 on the rear

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  1. You need an adapter from the one plug for the headset to the two plugs for the PC. If you can't find a pre-made adapter, you could probably make one, as long as you can get the pinout of the headset, and as long as you can find a 4 pole socket (not a common part...). Remember to wire the ground for headphones and mike together.
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