Expanding RAM - BOOTMGR error

I have ASUS P5KC currently with 4GB RAM (two Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5 DDR2 modules) see below.

I've then bought two additional modules which seem to me identical apart from the version (3.3 as opposed to 3.1).

When I added to the slots 2 and 4 on the mobo, the initial start screen says 8096MB RAM and finds all other devices etc but the boot process stops is restarted a few times and finally I get the "BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot."

I'm wondering are there any settings I could try to adjust (btw I have trouble even getting into SETUP/BIOS), e.g. speeds, voltages, etc. or are the two sets of RAM modules not compatible and I'm out of luck and should buy a set of 4. If so, would this one, for example, work - Komputerbay 8GB 4x 2GB DDR2 800MHz PC2-6300 6400 RAM Blue Heat Spreaders 8 GB

Thank you
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  1. Updating BIOS to P5KC1203.ROM resolved the issue :)
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