PCI-Express confusion. Will my 1.1a slot support a 2.0 GTX 560 Ti?

Hi guys,

I've just ordered a GTX 560 Ti over the web and noticed something...

I'm at a bit of a loss here. I have a relatively new motherboard, but noticed that the chipset doesn't support pci-e 2.0, only 1.1a. I recall reading that these were backward compatible but it was a good long while ago. I also recall reading that most cards at that time didn't even max out the 1.1 bandwidth so the 2.0 was just ahead of its curve somewhat. But as I said that was ages ago.

My motherboard is a MA74GMT-S2 rev 1.4. Uses the 740G chipset. It only has one pci-ex16 slot so I won't be using SLI and don't care about that.

The GTX 560 Ti being a very new card and listed by nvidia as 2.0x16 makes me worry some. Will it work in the slot I have? Will there be any performance issues?

Ugh this is what I get for buying a cheap motherboard, worries! Lol. I did tell the salesman I wanted a board that was cheap but that would still run anything and be upgradable.

However all of this being said, my current card, hd 5670 is listed as a pci-e 2.1 card... it seems to be working just fine... that being said the GTX 560 Ti is much newer and much more powerful.

Am I worrying about nothing here?
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  1. it should run fine. the card is new but the standard of PCI-E 2.0 won't change because of that. so rest assured. more important is does your cpu able to keep up with the card. if not then you're most likely to run into bottleneck issue. AFAIK only AMD have release card with PCI-E 2.1
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