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System specs:
Dell XPS 400 Windows XP SP3 32-bit Media Center Edition
MOBO - Not sure what to put here Dell model # 0YC523
CPU - Intel Pent. 2.8Ghz dual core
Ram - DDR2 3G
GPU - Nv. GeF. 8400
PSU - Corsair 450w w. 33A on the 12v rail
It is a 5 yr old system.

Is there a better card out there that would run an MMORPG @ a decent fps w. high graphics settings?
My budget is $150 and I would like to upgrade just the card, if possible. If that's not possible, and I were to upgrade the psu to a 600w, what would be the best card in that setting? Budget on the 2nd option is about $200.
Thanks, Gunnersfan
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  1. My apologies for this post. I'm new, short on time this morning, and did not read the rules. Thus the bad title and lack of proper format. I would delete it and start over if I could find the right button. Apologies again, Gunnersfan
  2. ok doesnt matter dude,but make sure you dont do it next is what i think is best without upgrading your power supply: or if you like nvidia then this one:
  3. Thx for the advice mrjericho. Are 2.1 cards compatible w. 1.0 PCIe slots?

    Also been doing some research on cards under $100 and found these:

    Am I correct in thinking these are identical cards, and how do they stack up to the 2 that Mrjericho mentioned?
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